Qualiton APX 200 model 2019

Qualiton APX 200 model 2019
2019. 03. 26.

Qualiton APX 200 model 2019


Audio-Hungary's 2 x 100 W high-end tube power amplifier, Qualiton APX 200 offers even more features in 2019. After last year's minor developments - reworked front-end circuitry with direct and balanced inputs, analog autobias system for output tubes - Audio-Hungary's design team changed the autobias game with their brand new microprocessor-based approach. The new, state of the art circuitry offers stable and well defined quiscient current levels during operation - which are completely independent of the presence of the musical signals, even in push-pull, Class AB2 mode.

Further modification that the vacuum tube set had to be changed due to electrical safety rules. For this reason, you can find the following tubes under the hood, as a factory default: 4 x KT90EH (output), 2 x 6922EH (driver), 2 x 12AX7EH (input).

Refreshed biasing and new, octal tube sockets allow wide variety of the common octal base power tubes - such as KT88, KT90, KT120, KT150 or EL34 - to be used in the output stage. From user's perspective it means, that you can create a sort of your own sound, based on personal output tube preferences.

Owners of the previous APX 200 can feel really safe as long as tube replacements are concerned, the factory has enough stock to replace burned tubes in the next two decades.

You can meet the new Qualiton APX 200, and many other member of Qualiton brand at High End Munich 2019, where you may find Audio-Hungary's booth in Halle 1 A04.


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