Qualiton APX 200 was renewed

Megújult a Qualiton APX 200 végerősítő
2018. 03. 27.

Qualiton APX 200 was renewed

Audio-Hungary launched in March after the renewed APR 204 preamplifier the new upgraded Qualiton APX 200 vacuum tube stereo power amplifier. New features were added due to customer needs with keeping all the advantages from the previous model."Only minor changes of the vents were made outside for optimised cooling to keep the beloved classic design. Most changes were made under the hood. The cover of the amplifier is now easily removable and the tubes becoming visible in the redesigned polished stainless steel interior as it is usual at Qualiton products.The device was upgraded with Auto BIAS, and balanced input. From now on it is possible to bypass the volume control with a switch at the back.The legendary output tube set with EL 519 (6P45S) were kept with 2x6N23P and 2x12AX7.


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